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about us


Rio Futaleufú Rafting is a small owner operated business nestled in the Andes Mountains in the quaint town of Futaleufú. Born and raised in Futaleufú, Patagonia, Chile, Mauricio Gallardo San Martin has had the lifelong dream to start his own rafting company in his home town and on one of the best whitewater rivers in the world the Rio Futaleufú.

Mauricio is fulfilling his dream alongside his wife Sharon and family friend Michelle Lloyd who both also share the same passion for whitewater and outdoor adventure. ​With a lifelong passion for rivers and paddling and more than 20 years' (year round) rafting experience on the Futaleufú River (Seasonal) and internationally, Mauricio's intimate knowledge of the Futaleufú river and extensive experience ensures you have the best person to guide you down this thrilling and beautiful Class IV-V River.

We are a small Chilean / Australian owned and operated company excited to bring you the best of what Futaleufú has to offer.  

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